Venus in a metal bikini, Barbarella-style
Venus --
Androgyne Lead Singer for
All the Pretty Horses
Venus with wings, Barbarella-style

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This page is mainly here as a source of information on Venus, the androgyne lead singer of the South Minneapolis glam rock band All The Pretty Horses. Venus is a charismatic androgyne male (transgenderist?) who takes female hormones to provide hir with a woman's figure, but sie has no intention of getting SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery). It is rather unusual to find an androgyne who has turned to HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), but there you are.
On this page are links to a sample from a documentary-in-progress on Venus called "VENUS of Mars," by filmmaker Emily Goldberg, as well as various rock videos by All the Pretty Horses that are scattered throughout their large website. Were it not for my collating links to their videos like I have here, you could well spend over an hour finding out how to track down each and every one of these.
The VENUS of Mars QuickTime file was first on the Channel-T site at, then moved to the TS Video site at, and is now at the Transsexual Voice For The Tone Deaf site at since the Channel-T and TS Video sites are now both defunct. The site has many more downloadable movies on transgendered subjects besides just on Venus, and so, rather than just devote this page to Venus and hir band, I have chosen to list all the films available for download from Since the site does not have descriptions of the movies they have, I have -- where indicated -- included the old descriptions from the Channel-T site below.

Alphabetical Index of Transsexual Videos and Documentaries

Beautiful Bones       Channel-T       Web Premiere       Experimental       [Channel-T description]

Beautiful Bones is a five-minute narrative, exploring family gender roles, and masculinity & femininity itself. It's the work of Matt Wolf an 18 year old queer filmaker presently at NYU Film School, who's also been influential in politics -- fighting homophobia in public schools as a founding member of the Bay Area Gay-Straight Alliance Network.

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Emergence . . .       Channel-T       Web Premiere       Documentary       [Channel-T description]

Emergence . . . A Journey Towards Inner Peace (12 minutes) A touching video starring Lynn Lefevre, Joanne Law, and Dr. Mary Hogan-Finlay. We thank Lynn and her friends for their excellent documentary . . .

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In Memory of Rita       Channel-T       Music Video       [Channel-T description]

Dedicated to the memory of all those who have perished because of gender intolerance, In Memory of Rita is a music video tribute by Nancy Nangeroni and Gordene O. Mackenzie from (Show #280 features Channel-T)

November 1998, Rita Hester is found brutally stabbed to death in her apartment . . . Her family, friends, and community are outraged. The media labels her a "transvestite" living a "double life." Rita was actually a transsexual woman.

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Jossie [9.63 MB]

A Hispanic M2F transsexual hairdresser who moonlights as a showgirl at a dance club.

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Doctor Sanguan Kunaporn       Channel-T       SRS Surgeon       Interview       [Channel-T description]

Doctor Anne Lawrence's 1998 Interview with SRS Surgeon Doctor Sanguan Kunaporn of Phuket Thailand. Special Thanks goes to Heather Lamborn of for this material!

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Doctor Toby Meltzer       SRS Surgeon       Interview [17.2 MB]

Interview with the renowned SRS surgeon, conducted by Cynthia Webster.

NOTE: Downloading this file is tricky. To copy this file to your hard drive, you must open Netscape (I don't think it'll work in Internet Explorer), type into the browser's address bar, then go into File, select Save As... and save the file to your desktop. (A box will appear that says "Saving Location," and eventually, the file will be saved to your desktop.)

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Doctor Ousterhout [19.4 MB]

Interview with a specialist in cranial-facial surgery. Very illuminating in its description of approaches to and techniques for facial feminization.

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TG2000 [20.0 MB]

Hispanic M2F TSs picketing and addressing the Captain of a Los Angeles Police station.

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Two Brides and a Scalpel       Channel-T       Web Premiere       a six-part series       [Channel-T description]
A Diary of a Lesbian Marriage -- Part 1 of 6

She's a Psychotherapist. He's a Heavy Equipment Operator. What happens when she decides he's the girl for her? Part One of our six-part series featuring Linda Fraser and Georgia Scott, Produced and Directed by Mark Achbar.

Why Don't You Get Married -- (Before you . . . "cut it off?") -- Part 2 of 6

Wait! Who's Marrying Who?

Workin Woman's Blues -- Part 3 of 6

Wait, How can you be both a woman and a father? Does Canadian Health Care approve Surgery?

Surgery Ho! -- Part 4 of 6

September 26th 1997 -- The Eastmoreland Hospital experience with Dr. Toby Meltzer . . .

Through the Looking Glass -- Part 5 of 6

A post-op view from the other side . . . The packing is removed and the media goes wild!

Farewell, (to the Good Old Days)? -- Part 6 of 6

The Ceremonial Disposal of the Boots . . . Georgie Girl -- Livin' Free at Last!

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Venus of Mars       Channel-T       Work in Progress       Documentary       [Channel-T description] [7.76 MB]

[Footage in smaller increments can be found at]

Venus of Mars blogumentary [click on "Quicktime, 26 MB"]
[ Great stuff! If you have a highspeed internet connection, download and watch this! ]

People aren't sure whether to call her Venus or Steve, much less what pronoun to use. On stage, wearing a vinyl corset and stiletto boots, she's Venus, lead singer of the glam rock band All The Pretty Horses. At home in South Minneapolis with Lynette, his wife of fifteen years, he's Steve. Born male, Venus is transgendered. S/he's "in between" -- taking female hormones but not planning to have sexual reassignment surgery. To some, s/he's a rebel, courageously exploring a brave new world of gender identity, free of categorization. To others, s/he's a freak.
Here's a sample from filmmaker Emily Goldberg's documentary-in-progress, "VENUS of Mars" which is both the unique coming-out story of Venus' gender-redefining journey, and the truly contemporary love story of a couple weathering dramatic changes in uncharted relationship territory.       Contact the film-maker Emily Goldberg

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