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Note: titles in green denote defunct sites.

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Above & Beyond Gender Site: Transgender Resources and Shopping - (tons of links!)
Ambiguous Sexuality with Glyndon (the world's first androgyne personal page?): links
B.C. Holmes' Gender and Transgender Theory Page - (lots of good intellectual stuff here)
Beverly Ann's Favorite Places (links)
Bugis Street: a Resource Site for Asian Transsexuals, Transvestites, Their Friends, and Admirers [defunct]
College Scholarships for LGBTQ Students (new listing as of February 2018)
College Guide for LGBTQ Students (new listing as of October 2018)
Crissy Wild's Main Library Index [defunct]
Links to 1500 Transgender Web Sites's Info, Resources, Fun Stuff - [formerly] [defunct]
Gender Issues: More Links Than You Can Shake a Stick At (a batch of very sober and useful links)
Gender Talk's Resources: Trans, Gender, LGBT, Activist & Related
The Ingersoll Gender Center (in Seattle, WA) -
International Foundation for Androgynous Studies Gender Links (mostly intersex-related) - [defunct]
International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE) Selected Web Resources - [defunct]
The International Journal of Transgenderism (HBIGDA's official journal) listing of online fulltext articles
International Transgender Online Magazine Contents, Links and Features Page and TG Links - Part 1
and International TG Free Link Page - (huge amount of stuff!) [defunct]
Jenelle's Favorite Links [defunct]
Kendall Wickham at Geocities [defunct]
Kendall Wickham's Androgynous Desires at
Lynn's Place -
Lynn's Place's Favorite Links - (many terrific links; few seen elsewhere!) [defunct]
Neutrois Outpost Links (the original 2001 links are at and at the Internet Archive )
Open Directory Project: Society: Transgendered - (tons of links!)
Paula's Perpetual Pirouettes - Transgender Webring List (over 250 TG webrings listed; exhausting)'s General, Queer Theory, Transgender, and Other Related Links
Rachel's Pages [Rachel Kronick]: Gender Links and Thoughts (a huge amount of links, well arranged)
Rachel's Web [Rachel Anne Michaels]: Transgender and Transsexual Links (humongus amount of stuff!) [defunct]
Resources and Expert Advice for LGBTQ College Students (new listing as of February 2018)
Resources for Transgender College Students (new listing as of February 2018)
Sean Miller's FTM Links [defunct]
Star's Transgender Links (listed by a GG who has a TGSO [TG Significant Other] and a TGSO page) [defunct]
Susana Marques TV/CD/TS/TG Directory (immense amount of stuff!) [defunct]
Susan's Place Transgender Resources -
Trans Alliance Society Links -
Transgender Asia's Links (at the University of Hong Kong)
Transgender Christians Webring (for those who think they're alone)
Transgender In Thailand: Links (information about katoeys; see also the Bugis Street link above) [defunct]
The Transgenderism Index at (has several FAQs)
transgirls_links (consolidates in one place all the non-sexual TG, TS and CD groups in cyberspace)
The Transition General Transgender Links (not FTM specific) [defunct]
Welcome to DareDevils Androgyne Explorer [defunct]
Whosoever: an Online Magazine for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Christians GLBT Resources

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GenderEvolve: The Foundation for Evolutionary Gender Transformation

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The Holographic Paradigm: 
What If the Universe Is a Hologram?
a concise explanation of New Age 
metaphysics and how it affects all of us,
transgendered and nontransgendered alike

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