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Here are links to web comics with some sort of TG theme (and which seem to be mostly still active)

"The Wotch" -- http://www.thewotch.com --
    A teen girl with magical powers (and a tendency to turn boys into girls).
    Read this, it's funny and sometimes serious!

"Cheer" -- http://cheer.thewotch.com/ --
    A spinoff of The Wotch, starring four girls who used to be guys.

"Abstract Gender" -- http://www.abstractgender.com/ --
    2 teens who were changed into girls (mostly) by mad scientists (?) while exploring an old house

"El Goonish Shive" -- http://www.elgoonishshive.com/ --
    some of these teens frequently used a Transformation Gun to change genders,
    not including the girl who is actually a female clone of one of the guys who can turn anyone into a girl, um....

"Happy But Dead" -- http://www.happybutdead.com/ --
    Post-college guy is turned into a girl in a paid science experiment. Then half the group dies. Mostly.

"High School Changed Me" -- http://www.hscmcomics.com/ --
    HS life, somewhere else, with student ghosts, demons, angels (and one of the girls used to be a guy).

"Misfile" -- http://www.misfile.com/ --
    A teen boy wakes up to find that a heavenly filing error has caused him to be redefined as a girl.

"New World" -- http://www.tfsnewworld.com/ --
    A magician sends some random guy into a new world. Female. Specifically a Fox-girl.

"Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki" -- http://www.sgvy.com/ --
    A random teenage boy is 'selected' to become a Valkyrie/super-heroine from Norse mythology.

"Triquetra Cats" -- http://www.drunkduck.com/Triquetra_Cats/ --
    In the future, 3 infant sisters were changed into boys to protect them.
    Now they're girls again, and are part of a secret organization battling an evil secret organization.

"Venus Envy" -- http://venusenvy.keenspace.com/ --
    A funny and poignant story of a teen MtF TS. And a FtM. And a TV. And Lesbians.

"Venus Ascending" -- http://catgirldo.keenspace.com/ --
    The cast of Venus Envy translated into a combination of Star Trek and Down Periscope.

"ClosetSpace" -- http://www.dolari.org/cs --
    A girl who was a boy before she moved out on her own. Her housemate too.
    Sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic.

"Lean On Me" -- http://jadaze.keenspace.com/ --
    Sweet and touching story about a TS and her friends.

"Transe-Generation" -- http://www.transe-generation.com/ --
    Occasionally updated panels about a FtM, basically autobiographical.

"From Then On Forth" -- http://fromthenonforth.keenspace.com/ --
    A MtF learning to understand herself.

[. . .]

I'll add the new ones to the Comedy, Cartoon and Humour Groups

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