List of Movies with Androgynes or Androgyny as Their Theme

the front cover of the By Hook or By Crook VHS video
By Hook or By Crook
directed by Harry Dodge
(feature film, 2001)

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the front cover of The Nomi Song DVD
The Nomi Song
directed by Andrew Horn
(documentary, 2004)

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the front cover of the book, Superstar in a Housedress, which comes with a free DVD
Superstar in a Housedress
directed by Craig Highberger
(documentary, 2004)

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the front cover of the XXY DVD
directed by Lucia Puenzo
(feature film, 2007)

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    FEATURE FILMS | back to top
    All of Me.  Germany.  Directed by Bettina Wilhelm, 1991.  Screenplay by 
         Georgette Dee and Bettina Wilhelm.  Starring Georgette Dee as 
         Orlanda.   ["Georgette Dee, the famed transvestite cabaret star from 
         Germany, stars as Orlanda."  "Orlanda is a person between male and 
         female."  "More androgynous than female"]
    By Hook or By Crook.  US.  Directed by Harry Dodge [aka Harriet Dodge] 
         and Silas Howard [aka Silas Flipper], 2001.  Starring Silas Howard 
         as Shy and Harry Dodge as Valentine.
    Dandy Dust.  UK/Austria.  Directed by Hans Scheirl, 1998.  "A blend of 
         B-movie sci-fi, queer underground, manga and splatter movies."  --
         Time Out magazine.  Draws inspiration from such diverse sources as 
         cyberpunk, animé, splatter films, Hong Kong action flicks, feminist 
         theory, and experimental dyke cinema.  Reviews: 1 2 3
    Envy.  US.  Directed by Gloria Christal, 2002.  Starring Regan D'Lyn as 
         Stacy and Charlotte Mangum as Lydia.  This movie was released
         direct-to-DVD, but can be found selling at very cheap prices.
    Girl Stroke Boy [the British way of pronouncing "Girl/Boy"].  UK.  Directed 
         by Bob Kellett, 1971.  Starring Joan Greenwood, Michael Hordern, Clive 
         Francis, Patricia Routledge, and in the title role, [Peter] Straker as 
         Jo.  A young man named Laurie, who had recently spent some time in a 
         mental institution, brings his West Indian girlfriend Jo to meet his 
         parents.  Laurie's father is a college professor and his mother is a 
         novelist, so they are not taken aback by Jo's race, but Jo's gender is 
         another matter.  Based on the play "Girl Friend" by David Percival.
         Watch Girl Stroke Boy's key sequence on YouTube.  Search for the video.
         [Freddie Mercury produced Peter Straker's "This One's on Me" album in 
         1977, and the two of them later appeared in drag together in Mercury's 
         "The Great Pretender" video in 1987.  Director Bob Kellett released 
         Our Miss Fred, starring female impersonator Danny La Rue, in 1972.]
    He's Such a Girl.  US.  Directed by Sean Carr, 2009.  Starring Bryan 
         Fisher, Tiffany Dupont and Will Stiles.  Official quotes from
         the now-defunct official website: "A coming of age story about a 
         straight guy [named Whitney] who acts like a stereotypical girl 
         when it comes to relationships," who has an "overbearing boss, 
         who hired Whitney to market feminine hygiene products because 
         his androgynous name led her to believe Whitney was a girl."  
         [The film has two central love triangles, and addresses gay and 
         lesbian issues, but generally avoids transgender and genderqueer 
         issues.]  There is a Hong Kong All Region NTSC DVD ( 1 2 3 4 ), 
         a Hong Kong VCD ( 1 2 ), Region 2 PAL DVDs from Denmark, France, 
         and Sweden ( 1 2 3 4 ), an Australian Region 4 PAL DVD, and even 
         a Russian Region 5 PAL DVD, but no US DVD.  Trailer: 1 2
    The Iron Ladies [aka Satree Lex].  Thailand.  Directed by Yongyoot 
         Thongkongtoon, 2000.  Based on the true story of an all-katoey 
         volleyball team that won the national championship at one point.  
         The character Mon, played by Sahaphap Tor, is androgyne.  A good
         film.  Reviews: 1 2 
    The Iron Ladies II.  Thailand.  Directed by Youngyooth Thongkonthun, 
         2003.  The character Mon, played by Sahaphap Tor, is androgyne.
         Not a good film.  Reviews: 1 2
    It's Pat . . . the Movie.  US.  Directed by Adam Bernstein, 1994.  
         Starring Julia Sweeney as Pat Riley.  A spinoff of the Saturday 
         Night Live television show.  Not a good film.
    Let the Right One In.  Sweden.  Directed by Tomas Alfredson.  Starring 
         Kåre Hedebrant and Lina Leandersson.  An intelligent, unsaccharine 
         vampire romance about two 12-year-olds, one of which has been "12 
         for a very long time."  Both of the lead characters are androgynous, 
         each in their own way.  A very good film.  Adapted from the novel 
         Let Me In, by John Ajvide Lindqvist, which elaborates on the basis
         of the vampire's androgyny.  Twilight this is not.
    Liquid Sky.  US.  Directed by Slava Tsukerman, 1983.  Starring Anne 
         Carlisle (Margaret/Jimmy), Paula E. Sheppard (Adrian), Otto von 
         Wernherr (Johann), Susan Doukas (Sylvia), Bob Brady (Owen).
    Madame Sata.  Brazil/France.  Directed by Karim Ainouz, 2002.  Starring 
         Lázaro Ramos as Madame Satã / João Francisco. 
    The Mystery of Alexina [aka Mystère Alexina].  France.  Directed by René 
         Féret, 1985.  Based on real events.  Starring Philippe Vuillemin as 
         Alexina Barbin / Camille Barbin.
    Orlando.  UK.  Directed by Sally Potter, 1992.  Starring Tilda Swinton 
         and Billy Zane.  Based on the book by Virginia Wolff.  A sumptuous
         art film with much to say -- including that androgyny is an ideal!
    Seed of Chucky [aka Child's Play V].  US.  Directed by Don Mancini, 2004.
         Starring Jennifer Tilly and featuring John Waters and Redman.
         Chucky and Tiffany's "child" is named Glen by the former and
         Glenda by the latter.  Glen/Glenda is basically androgyne and
         looks like a cross between David Bowie circa 1973 . . . and ET.
         This is the direct sequel to Bride of Chucky, which was actually 
         good -- unlike *this* film.  Review with pix of Glen.
    Shabnam Mausi.  India.  Directed by Yogesh Bharadwaj (aka Yogesh Bhardwaj), 
         2005.  Starring Ashutosh Rana, Sujeet Chaubey and Divya Desai.  Highly 
         manipulative docudrama based on the life of Shabnam "Mausi" Bano, the 
         first hijra to be elected to public office.  American English-subtitled 
         Region 1 NTSC DVD from Frameline available at TLA Video.  An Indian 
         unsubtitled VCD is available from Eagle.  An Indian English-subtitled 
         Region Free/Region 0 NTSC DVD is available from three manufacturers: 
         Eagle, KMI, and Madhu.  The Indian DVDs are available via  
         Articles: 1 2.  Subtitled film clip from Frameline DVD.
    Splice.  Canada/France.  Directed by Vincenzo Natali, 2009.  Starring 
         Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley and Delphine Chanéac.  Two scientists 
         create a new life form by combining human and animal DNA, with
         the result being a quick-growing being of indeterminate gender.
         Its sex is clear, but it is taught everything, so the question
         becomes how much is nature, how much is nurture, and how much is
         the result of hormonal change.  Unsettling but intriguing.
    Tamanna.  India.  Directed by Pooja Bhatt [aka Mahesh Bhatt], 1997.  
         Starring Paresh Rawal as Tiku, with Pooja Bhatt and Sharad Kapoor.  
         DVDs and VCDs in Hindi are available.  Synopsis  Review  Analysis  
    They Were 11.  Japan.  Directed by Osamu Dezaki, 1986.  A quality anime 
         (Japanese animated film) with a character of indeterminate gender 
         named Frol.  Based on the shojo manga (Japanese girls' comic book).  
         Available in the USA on DVD via U.S. Manga Corps.  The American 
         video is out-of-print.
    Velvet Goldmine.  UK.  Directed by Todd Haynes, 1998.  A thinly-veiled faux
         docudrama about David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust period, 1972-1973.  
         Starring Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as Brian Slade [David Bowie / Ziggy 
         Stardust], Ewan McGregor as Curt Wild [Iggy Pop / Lou Reed], 
         Christian Bale as Arthur Stuart, Toni Collette as Mandy Slade [Angie 
         Bowie], and Eddie Izzard as Jerry Devine [Bowie's then-manager, Tony 
    XXY.  Argentina.  Directed by Lucia Puenzo, 2007.  Starring Ines Efron 
         and Martin Piroyansky.  About an intersex person whose father, a 
         marine biologist, is pressured into consenting to genital 
         "corrective" surgery for his child.  The lead character's condition 
         is CAH, and is not XXY.  The film's title was chosen for impact.
         A good film.  MySpace page (includes two interviews with Puenzo)
    DOCUMENTARIES | back to top
    Aravani Girl.  India.  Directed by Peter Spenceley, 2009.  Journeyman 
         Pictures, 53 minutes.  Trailer.  Watch online: 1 2 3 | DVD & download
    The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye.  US.  Directed by Marie Losier, 2011.
         About Genesis P-Orridge (founder of the noise bands Throbbing Gristle
         and Psychic TV) and hir wife Lady Jaye Breyer P'Orridge.  Genesis and 
         Lady Jaye called themselves pandrogyne, in an attempt to become each
         other surgically.
    Blossoms of Fire (Ramo de fuego).  US / Mexico.  Directed by Maureen Gosling 
         and Ellen Osborne, 2000.  [About the Muxes of Juchitan.  See also 
         Juchitan: Queer Paradise and Muxes: Authentic, Intrepid Seekers of 
         Danger]  Available on DVD at and eBAY || filmclip on YouTube
    Bombay Eunuch.  US.  Directed by Sean MacDonald and Michelle Gukorsky, 2001.
    Eunuchs: India's Third Gender.  UK.  Directed by Michael Yorke, 1991.
    Genderf**k.  Australia.  Directed by Svetlana Gilerman, 1993.
    Gendernauts.  Germany.  Directed by Monika Treut, 1999.
    Guevote - I Am What I Feel to Be.  Switzerland / Germany.  Directed by 
         Rolando Sanchez, 1996.  Cast: Chi-Chi, Bonny.  59 mins.  A family of 
         intersexed brothers in the Dominican Republic who, assigned as girls 
         at birth, become boys at twelve.  Long description of the film: 1 2
    Juchitan: Queer Paradise.  Canada/Mexico.  Directed by Patricio Enriquez, 
         2003.  ["a portrait of a small Mexican town near the Guatemalan 
         border where gays are regarded as a third gender.  Parents rejoice 
         when their children turn out to be queer and a man who wants to 
         dress as a woman has only to do so to be treated as a woman by the 
         community at large."]  [This is about the Muxe (also spelled Muxhe), 
         Zapotec Indians who live in Juchitan, on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, 
         which is on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.]  Watch online free!
    Muxes: Authentic, Intrepid Seekers of Danger (Muxes: Auténticas, 
         intrépidas y buscadoras de peligro).  Directed by Alejandra Islas, 
         2005.  [This is about the Muxe (also spelled Muxhe), Zapotec Indians 
         who live in Juchitan, on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, which is on 
         the Pacific coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.]  on DVD at ||
         watch YouTube filmclip | watch Google Video filmclip
    The Nomi Song.  US.  Directed by Andrew Horn, 2004.  About Klaus Nomi, a
         new wave phenom who sang arias in falsetto and fashioned a Ziggy
         Stardust-like mythos about hirself.  With Ann Magnuson and Man 
         Parrish.  [Anthony Scibelli, photographer, quoted from the film:
         "Well, when I first met Klaus, that was the first thing I was
         really impressed with -- his level of androgyny.  Not just the 
         androgyny of sexuality, but the androgyny of whether you're human 
         or not.  I mean, this was an androgyny beyond androgyny where he 
         become robot-like."]  Klaus Nomi websites: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
    Superstar in a Housedress.  US.  Directed by Craig Highberger, 2004.  
         About Warhol superstar Jackie Curtis.  Narrated by Lily Tomlin, with 
         Joe Dallesandro, Harvey Fierstein, Michael Musto, and Holly Woodlawn.  
         Includes footage of and with Candy Darling.  Curtis considered 
         hirself to be neither man nor woman.  The lyrics to the Lou Reed 
         song, "Walk on the Wild Side," mention Holly (Woodlawn), Candy 
         (Darling), Little Joe (Dallesandro), and Jackie (Curtis), by name.
         [The 2005 book, Superstar in a Housedress, written by Highberger, 
         comes with a free DVD of the film, along with nearly 30 minutes 
         of extra footage.  This film is not available on DVD separately.]
    13 Genders.  Directed by Cyra K. Polizi.
    Three to Infinity: Beyond two genders.  US.  Directed by Lonny Shavelson, 
         2015.  Direct-to-video.  Highly personal.  Trailer.  DVD and Blu-ray.
    Two-Spirit People.  Directed by Lori Levy, Gretchen Vogel, and Michel 
         Beauchemin, 1991.  A 23-minute video documentary.  Watch online free!
    Two Spirits.  Directed by de la Riva and T. Osa Hidalgo, 1993.  27 mins.
    Venus of Mars.  US.  Directed by Emily Goldberg, 2003.  A documentary 
         about Venus Grandell, lead singer of the Minneapolis dark glam band, 
         All the Pretty Horses.  It is debatable whether Venus is androgyne, 
         and a transgenderist or non-op transsexual.  Web sites: 1 2 3 4 5  
         Video clips: 1 (YouTube) 2 (YouTube) 3 (ASF, QuickTime and RealMedia) 
    Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.  UK.  Directed by D.A. Pennebaker, 
         1984.  David Bowie concert from July 3, 1973, infamously known as 
         Ziggy's Farewell.  Ziggy Stardust embodied Bowie at his androgynous 
         peak, as represented by four record albums: The Rise and Fall of
         Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972), Aladdin Sane 
         (1973), Pin-ups (1973), and the soundtrack to this film.  Review
    Other Sources
    The Rise of Eunuchs in Hindi Films
    Eunuchs in Indian Cinema by Nishma Hindocha

    Klaus Nomi from his December 15, 1979 performance with David Bowie of the song 'TVC15' on Saturday Night Live

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